Science Works: 1: Student Book eBook –

Excellent book Very well designed and concise I bought it for my son year 7 to work with him at home So I found the lessons short enough to teach him what he actually needs to learn and on the other hand it won t make him tired and board. everything perfect Very Satisfied I brought this for my daughters school work and it helped her so much in her first year of secondary.It arrived nice and clean also it arrived on time.I haven t found any thing wrong with this book. This is the book my sons school use for their year7 science homework I only needed to buy it because he had lost his school issue one Typically it turned up later after I bought this as a replacement It is a good book, which my son is able to follow There is a supporting CD, but we haven t used that yet Great to have been able to get it so easily well done Efficient supplier service. Science Works Enables You To Deliver The Skills Based How Science Works Approach In An Integrated, Manageable And Fully Supported Way