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I really like this book fully of bright illustrations covers weather really well, including altitude, cloud formations all the way to weather patterns good descriptions and explanations there were a couple of areas where I would have liked a in depth explanation but appreciate there s already a lot of information crammed into the book incorporates real life events into the book varied activities e.g Weather Detectives to keep children busy.Overall a very nice and bright book Highly recommended Packed With Facts And Tantalising Anecdotes From Experts And Bursting With Colour Photographs, Learn All About Weather In This Fresh Take On The Subject That Kids With LoveIt S Time To Learn Everything About Weather Each Book In The National Geographic Kids Everything Series Has Than Pictures, An Explorer S Corner With From The Field Anecdotes And Tips, Fun Facts Throughout, Maps And Infographics, An Illustrated Diagram, A Photo Gallery, Cool Comparisons, A Behind The Scenes Photograph, An Interactive Glossary, And This book is designed to get children excited about weather, wanting to understand it It starts with some explanations, such as the layers of atmosphere above the earth, types of clouds and the water cycle It then moves on to extremes, talking about dangerous weather, the hurricane scale, fujita tornado scale, but disappointingly didn t include the Beaufort scale There is a global map showing zones of weather issues, stunning photographs of weather, and a section on weather predictions.The book is aimed at the primary school range, key stage 2 Many children would really enjoy this, and hopefully it will enthuse some enough that they will go on to look at. At the time I ordered this book the only review on it was a negative one 1 star from.com so I was a little concerned, but still took the plunge anyway, and pleased I did This is an informative and easy to view weather book filled with lots of colourful pages and full colour photos with child friendly text just great for any wannabe meteorologist start outs My children have really enjoyed looking through this book.If you children are interested in this topic, or face doing school projects on it, this is an excellent resource It s informative and up to date The pictures and illustrations are first rate and interesting The layout is very good. Our 6 year old is fascinated by all things nature and she enjoyed this book It s packed full of pictures and information Although it s an American book there is an attempt to take of a world view throughout With a RRP of 7.99 it s decent value 64 full colour pages It strikes a nice balance between weather being fun and at time dangerous In addition to the fab pictures there are also a few activities. As you would expect from a National Geographic Publication for Kids, this lovely magazine type book is crammed full of photographs and illustrations It is a genuine attempt to make one of the most complex atmospheric processes both attractive and fun to read, while keeping it informative and educational A young enquiring mind will absorb it like a sponge It covers the basic principles of meteorology, explaining how our sun powers the weather, describes the moisture cycle, temperature layers of the atmosphere and why deserts exist It shows how clouds form, how they behave naughty or nice , then describes extremes how, why, and where they develop with often catastrophic outcomes kids will love that bit.There is a section on weather prediction, which can be boring to a youngster, but it is kept to an absolute minimum just a brief mention of analysis and different types of frontal systems with much of an emphasis on satellite imagery and computer models, without going into complicated detail However, I did like the mention that hundreds of old fashioned weather balloons are still released every day to emphasise that weather is three dimensional There are sections on safety precautions, weather myths and facts, quizzes and many little items that a youngster will enjoy including a set of easy to visualise speed and energy comparisons when Mother Nature gives her mighty muscles a little twitch.Finally, there is a Glossary section with little quizzes web pages to follow up, and further reading for any young aspiring meteorologist. This is one of the, Everything Series, of colour picture books Other books in the series include subjects such as Big Cats, Rocks, Sharks, Space and Insects This title looks at, Everything Weather, and includes loads of photographs, maps, diagrams, facts and.I would suggest this is suitable for children in KS2, perhaps from about 6 10, depending upon reading age It is split into four sections What s the Weather Weather Extremes, Weather Predictions and Fun with Weather.This has beautiful photographs, is very colourful and engaging and has lots of really interesting facts A good book in what looks a great, non fiction series of books for children.